Geoff Roberts
Bakery, Catering and Butchery Engineer

Supply, fit and repair most types of bakery, catering and butchery equipment

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Geoff Roberts - Bakery and catering engineer

About Geoff Roberts

"Having spent almost 25 years in the bakery / catering industry, 15 years ago I decided to start on my own. I am Gas Safe Registered, sell and repair most types of catering, bakery and butchery equipment."

gas safe registered

Geoff Roberts is an highly skilled and experienced engineer that is always on hand whenever you need him. Emergency repairs are unexpected and unpredictable, but with Geoff Roberts, you're in safe hands.

He has years of knowledge and expertise working with almost all major manufacturers and their equipment. So he has the experience to help you out when you need it most.

Supply Delivery and Installation

Geoff Roberts can offer a fast spares supply, delivery and installation service all throughout South West Cornwall and the Isles Of Scilly. He has years of experience in the catering sector, and use only the highest of quality, branded parts. He is your first port of call when it comes to supplying your equipment spare parts.

Maintainance and Service

Regular maintenance and service of your catering, bakery or butchery equipment helps your company avoid breakdowns, minimising the risk and cost of equipment failure.
Geoff is always on hand and on call to provide you with the very best in equipment repairs, service and installation.

Equipment Sales

Geoff has various second hand and refurbished items of catering, bakery and butchery equipment for sale. Get in contact for stock.